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A Non-Profit Blockchain Technology Research Institute Registered In The Silicon Valley Of The United States.

Digital Asset Trading Platform: UKEX

UKEX is our cryptocurrency exchange platform, allowing users to trade in a variety of digital currencies.

Digital Currency Payment Service: UKEX Pay

Our digital payment and settlement platform, features the added benefit of giving cryptocurrency users the ability to pay with cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain VC Bvmall Fintech

Building an industrial ecosphere and promoting the healthy and stable development of the blockchain industry.

At UKDE, our message is simple – we want to put our customers first and through and with blockchain technology, we aim to create products which give you control.

UKDE work to provide an alternative way of finance through the medium of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies the application of blockchain technology which has been the most accessible to various segments of society and has been a vehicle for the further innovation of how finances are processed.

As a financial system, cryptocurrencies give users many advantages over traditional currencies; decentralisation, secure transactions, lower transaction fees, freedom from institutional manipulations and a trading ecosystem which is global in the truest sense. UKDE provide this service in our products.

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An Exchange Which Gives You Control

Our first product is our cryptocurrency exchange platform, UKEX – our trading platform features bitcoin and a growing roster of altcoins, giving you choice to invest in the well-known coins or add new ones to your portfolio and see where they take you.
  • Allowing easy cryptocurrency trading for all levels of experience. Providing a user guide to help users get to speed and trade with confidence.
  • A secure, safe and reliable trading environment.


Revolutionising The Way You Pay

Our second product is our crypto-backed prepaid card, UKEX Pay. Our card combines the ease of everyday spending with the ability to explore how spending with cryptocurrencies can revolutionise the way you make payments.
cryptocurrency payment app

Be Part Of The Future

Create a secure account with us in minutes and enjoy easy fiat, cryptocurrency spending, transfers and exchanges.



Seamlessly integrated with make cryptocurrency more acceptable than ever.

UKEX Digital Asset Trading Platform

Compliant, secure and convenient encrypted digital exchange services to individuals, communities and organizations.

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