Global Blockchain Finance Institute (BFI)

A Non-Profit Blockchain Technology Research Institute Registered In The Silicon Valley Of The United States.

UK Digital Asset Trading Platform UKEX

A Trading Service Platform Providing Fiat Currency Deposit/ Withdraw And Exchange Services For Global Digital Assets.

Digital Currency Payment CNUK

A Global Digital Currency Payment And Settlement Platform.

Blockchain VC Bvmall Fintech

Building an industrial ecosphere and promoting the healthy and stable development of the blockchain industry.

UKDE Limited is a financial technology group established in the City of London, UK. It focuses on such main businesses as digital finance and blockchain technology services. It aims at becoming a global digital financial service provider integrating blockchain technology services, digital asset trading services, digital financial settlement services and venture investment. Read More

cryptocurrency trading platform mobile app

An Exchange Which Gives You Control

Our first product is our cryptocurrency exchange platform, UKEX – our trading platform features bitcoin and a growing roster of altcoins, giving you choice to invest in the well-known coins or add new ones to your portfolio and see where they take you.

Revolutionising The Way You Pay

Our second product is our crypto-backed prepaid card, UKEX Pay. Our card combines the ease of everyday spending with the ability to explore how spending with cryptocurrencies can revolutionise the way you make payments.

cryptocurrency payment app

Be Part Of The Future

Create a secure account with us in minutes and enjoy easy fiat, cryptocurrency spending, transfers and exchanges.


UKEX Payment Wallet

Seamlessly integrated with make cryptocurrency more acceptable than ever.

Digital Asset Trading Platform UKEX

Compliant, secure and convenient encrypted digital exchange services to individuals, communities and organizations.

News and Events

  • The Summer Getaway at the Magna Carta Island Blockchain Forum

    Britain has seen temperatures edge towards new highs and many feeling that you do not have to go far to have a getaway in the sun. Wednesday 24th of July was the day which saw UKDE hold the Magna Carta Innovation Series: The 2nd China-UK Blockchain Application Forum in partnership with the Magna Carta Innovation

  • UKDE Debuts at Fintech Week 2019

    The size of the fintech community means that London hosts many events which brings many industry influencers and thought leaders to the stage to share their visions and developments in their respective industries. Fintech Week 2019 was the event to usher in July in its sixth year of success – bringing in hundreds of delegates

  • Celebrating 10th Years Of UK-China Economic and Financial Dialogue

    This week marks the launch of the 10th annual UK-China Economic and Financial Dialogue (EFD). To market this milestone, it has been announced that the London-Shanghai stock market connection has been launched, meaning UK listed companies will be able to sell shares in China. Many finance events and conferences are being held over the week,

  • London Tech Week: UK Asia Tech Power House

    The UK is home to more than a third of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies, with London leading the growth across the continent. Every year, this is most on display when London Tech Week brings the many companies of the city together. Wednesday 12th June, was the final of the two-day UK Asia Tech Power