Global Blockchain Finance Institute (BFI)

A Non-Profit Blockchain Technology Research Institute Registered In The Silicon Valley Of The United States.

UK Digital Asset Trading Platform UKEX

A Trading Service Platform Providing Fiat Currency Deposit/ Withdraw And Exchange Services For Global Digital Assets.

Digital Currency Payment CNUK

A Global Digital Currency Payment And Settlement Platform.

Blockchain VC Bvmall Fintech

Building an industrial ecosphere and promoting the healthy and stable development of the blockchain industry.

UKDE Limited is a financial technology group established in the City of London, UK. It focuses on such main businesses as digital finance and blockchain technology services. It aims at becoming a global digital financial service provider integrating blockchain technology services, digital asset trading services, digital financial settlement services and venture investment. Read More


UKEX Payment Wallet

Seamlessly integrated with make cryptocurrency more acceptable than ever.

Digital Asset Trading Platform UKEX

Compliant, secure and convenient encrypted digital exchange services to individuals, communities and organizations.

News and Events

  • Why Forex Traders Should Bolster Their Portfolio With Cryptocurrencies

    One thing forex traders all have in common is their risk appetite, but the word “cryptocurrency” makes some turn green or denounce it immediately. Saying that was the full story would be obscuring reality, because some just don’t know. The world is familiar with the common currency trading pairs and it doesn’t take extensive research

  • Stories From The Frontier, from Ideas to Reality Event

    UKDE has seen a crucial change this month and decided to depart from the lofty heights and eye watering splendor of Canary Wharf and find a new home in Liverpool Street. Amongst the congregation of modern buildings, full of glass, metal, well thought out working environments with easy access to one of London’s major transport

  • Inside The Growing Crypto Demographic

    5.4% of people own cryptocurrencies worldwide, with around one quarter reporting that they have no other savings besides the pensions and monetary savings. The remainder tend to hold investments in stocks, bonds and assets such as precious metals. The past has shown cryptocurrencies to have great returns for the early day investors, and whilst many

  • Blockchain Beyond Supply Chain Barriers at Northumbria University

    Thursday brought Junsong Wu, Director of UKDE to Northumbria University’s Newcastle Business School to give a talk to MBA students as part of their Operations and Supply Chain Management module. Titled “Blockchain Beyond Supply Chain Barriers” – there’s little doubt that on the surface, blockchain is a prime example of the many applications’ supply chains