Clara Florey

Investor Relations Advisor

Clara Florey is an award-winning PR & Investor Relations expert & founder of international PR & Investor Relations consultancy for Blockchain/tokenised assets – ‘DisPRuptive’ (and ‘DisIRuptive’)*.

Clara works with both established & start-up game-changers, who are using or developing emerging tech to ‘make things better’ – from  AI, IoT, Blockchain and digitised/tokenised assets, and across a multitude of sectors (real estate, energy, finance, commodities, health etc.).

For most, she manages both their Investor Relations AND PR / marketing programmes, although some clients only require one or the other. 

DisIRuptive, DisPRuptive’s Investor Relations arm, supports clients in raising finance (traditionally or via token sales) through activity that includes roadshows and 1-2-1 introductions, 

Clara has built a global network and strong reputation with investors (to HNWIs, Family Offices, Funds etc.).  Clara believes that for clients who are fundraising, an Investor Relations strategy should be implemented hand-in-hand with a powerful PR campaign. Both should focus on telling the ‘story’ of the brand to ‘those that matter’, through relevant channels and influencers.