UKDE, Exploring for Digital Estonia — Day 1

The delegates of UKDE arrived in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in the afternoon of October 30th 2018, starting a five-day adventure of the Digital Estonia.

First stop: Banking System of Estonia

Banks in Estonia have been offering financial digital services for FinTech companies like Coinbase, TransferWise, etc. As a provider of global digital financial solution, UKDE set Estonian digital banking system as the priority and the first stop. The representatives of Estonian banks introduced the digital trading platforms such as Coinbase, and how the platforms were launched, developed and expanded through the cooperation with Estonian banks. Based on years of cooperation, the bank representatives expressed their sincerity to support global blockchain financial companies, which further strengthened UKDE’s confidence in establishing a European digital banking settlement platform.

Second stop: Estonian Investment Agency

As early as 2008, Estonia started to deploy its e-commerce and government system based on the blockchain basal technology, which is also the first country to apply blockchain at country level in the world. In addition, Estonia announced its citizens’ “E-identity” plan in 2014, aiming to build a decentralized digital country. This has provided an open and clear European business environment for global entrepreneurs, particularly the blockchain experts. During the communication with EIA, UKDE’s Global Blockchain Finance Institute (BFI) had proposed to build a branch in Estonia in order to recruit talents worldwide and contribute to the upgrade of the World’s first blockchain government system. A consensus was reached between UKDE and EIA that the investment of Estonia blockchain digital technology would be initiated. Both parties would actively cooperate in the upgrade of Estonian government system, to further promote blockchain digital government technology to the whole world.

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